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I hope you enjoy delving a little bit deeper into the world of Junior and College Tennis with me. My goal in producing these podcasts is to help all of us do a better job as parents and coaches. I am very grateful to my guests and my listeners - I learn so much from each one!

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Jan 23, 2018

Siberia isn't really the first place I think of when I think "Tennis Hotbed." However, there have been some incredible players coming out of that ice-packed region of the world, including this week's guest, Aleksey Zharinov.

Aleksey considers himself a product of the Russian System of tennis development, due in large...

Jan 22, 2018

This podcast is from 2013 but warrants a listen even now! Craig is still one of the most influential coaches in my son's Tennis Journey, and his wisdom about junior development needs to be shared.

Jan 2, 2018

Happy New Year and welcome to our first podcast episode of 2018!

Patricia Hy-Boulais escaped from Cambodia as a young child and found her passion for tennis shortly thereafter. Patricia made her Grand Slam debut at Wimbledon at 13 and turned pro at 15. At the age of 17 the highlight of her early career was achieving the...

Nov 21, 2017

In Part 3 of my series with Todd Widom, we discuss the importance of choosing a coach who has a long-term development plan for your child. 

Unfortunately for us parents, there are many coaches and academies out there who just want to keep giving your child - and charging you! - private lessons week after week, year...

Nov 14, 2017

I had the opportunity to speak at the Middle States USPTA Conference in Philadelphia last weekend, presenting to a room full of coaches. What a treat! 

This week's podcast is a slightly edited recording of my presentation. You will hear questions from the audience (please forgive the sound quality as I was recording the...