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I hope you enjoy delving a little bit deeper into the world of Junior and College Tennis with me. My goal in producing these podcasts is to help all of us do a better job as parents and coaches. I am very grateful to my guests and my listeners - I learn so much from each one!

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May 7, 2019

Welcome to Season 8 Episode 20 of the ParentingAces Podcast! In this week's episode we hear from two Tennis Dads who have seen their sons rise to the highest levels of junior and college tennis.

Ron Hohmann lives in New York. He grew up playing both tennis and volleyball then played Division I volleyball in college....

Apr 16, 2019

Welcome to Season 8 Episode 17 of the ParentingAces Podcast! In this week's episode, we hear from two families who have chosen two very different pathways for their junior players, both with the same coach.

Over the past couple of years, I have interviewed coach Todd Widom many times. Instead of talking to the coach...

Nov 13, 2018

Patricia Hy-Boulais has worn many hats in the tennis world: junior player, professional player, coach, parent. Her latest hat is that of blogger as she recently entered the online world to share her thoughts on the Junior Tennis Journey from the perspective of both a parent and a coach.

When I saw Patricia's...

Sep 18, 2018

The role of the Tennis Parent is crucial in the Junior Development Process. But, if we don't have a clear understanding of exactly WHAT our role is, it's much easier to make mistakes along the way.

In this week's episode, Coach Todd Widom shares his thoughts on what we parents should be doing at each stage of the game....

Aug 14, 2018

Trying to decide which type of school is best for your child is a tricky proposition at best. If the child is an elite athlete striving to reach the highest levels of the sport, it becomes even more complicated.

In this week's podcast, Lisa chats with Kirk Spahn, a former collegiate tennis player who is the mind behind...