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I hope you enjoy delving a little bit deeper into the world of Junior and College Tennis with me. My goal in producing these podcasts is to help all of us do a better job as parents and coaches. I am very grateful to my guests and my listeners - I learn so much from each one!

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Oct 10, 2017

Y'all know how much I love to hear about tennis players giving back to their communities. And, when the various organizations within our sport take the initiative to sponsor community service opportunities . . . well, that is The Best!

In this week's podcast, I chat with Mary Edman, Director of Community Programs for the Intercollegiate Tennis Association (ITA) and Rhiannon Potkey of about their respective community service programs.

The ITA is sponsoring an actual Community Service Month throughout October wherein college teams come up with community service activities, log their service hours with the ITA (, post photos and videos to earn points (, and have an opportunity to win grants for their college teams.

TRN is sponsoring its own Community Service Initiative called First Serve for Community to encourage junior players to give back. This is an ongoing initiative wherein TRN will feature the good works of its players through articles on its website, social media, etc.

I am so happy to have an opportunity to share these great initiatives with all of you and hope that you will encourage your junior and college players to get involved. I will be sharing both the ITA's and TRN's stories on the ParentingAces Facebook page and Twitter feed.

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