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I hope you enjoy delving a little bit deeper into the world of Junior and College Tennis with me. My goal in producing these podcasts is to help all of us do a better job as parents and coaches. I am very grateful to my guests and my listeners - I learn so much from each one!

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May 14, 2019

Welcome to Season 8 Episode 21 of the ParentingAces Podcast! In this episode, we chat once again with Coach Todd Widom as a follow-up to last week's episode with the parents of 2 of Todd's players.

The focus of this week's conversation is the importance of following a step-by-step plan in junior development. Todd discusses the dangers when coaches and players try to rush the process, oftentimes leaving the player with shortcomings that are very difficult to fix down the line. Whether it's the type of ball being used or the level of tournament being played, there is a logical progression that needs to be followed in order to wind up with a player who can compete with his or her peers throughout the juniors and into college and even the professional tour.

Todd has had many young players come to him who were not taught proper technique or proper footwork or who aren't physically fit enough to withstand the rigors of junior tennis competition. As he says, it's much easier to teach those things properly from the beginning than to try to make up for deficiencies later on.

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